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the mud ▓huts and the factories.The shops along Rue F●uad seemed to have all the gl▓itter and novelty of Paris.I▓ had, I realized, become a complete provincial▓ in Upper Egypt.Alexandria seemed▓ a capital city.In the trim garden nurses▓ were rolling their prams and children▓ their hoops.The trams squashed and● clicked and rattled.‘

There is some▓thing else’ Balthazar was sayin▓g as we raced along.‘Melissa’s child, Ne●ssim’s child.But I suppose you know all abou▓t it.It is out at the summer

villa.A little ●girl.’ I could not take all this in, so▓ drunk was I on the beauty of the● city w

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.We climbed the low bluff on whi▓ch the hospital stood after threading the long b●ony spine of the Canopic Way.Balthazar ●was still talking as we left▓ the lift and started to negotiate the long whit▓e corridors of the second floor.‘A cooln▓ess has sprung up between Nessim and myself.

胶州市 胶南市 青岛市 商河县 济阳县 莱西市 即墨市 淄博市 桓台县 高青县